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BLACKART ™ is driven by a simple belief. How black artwork impacted other cultures and civilizations. This rich and diverse art inspired many people over centuries. For example, George Washington was inspired by Egyptian Obelisk to build the Washington monument. 

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Picasso copied and got inspiration from slave trade objects to create the modern art called cubism. Music and dance styles such as: Salsa, Cumbia, Merengue, Tango, Capoeira, Reggae, Calypso, Samba and Soca all originated from South America and the Caribbean. Other musical styles like Rap, Blues and Jazz all got its roots from black neighborhoods in the USA. These styles of music would not be established without black artwork.

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   BLACKART ™  clothing line is a tribute and celebration of Afro culture; that will take the form of denim, tees, outerwear, woven shirts, knit shirts, watches, jeans, sneakers, hoodies  and more that cut across a wide range of Afro culture. This line is dedicated to giving young Afro men, women, and people of all nations who share or appreciate Afro culture a chance to be proud of a heritage and culture from the first civilization. It is a line that looks at the Afro world with a voracious curiosity, finding inspiration at every turn including music and sports. BLACKART ™ brand is casual and fun for a new generation in an Afro world. 

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